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20mm Compression Elbow to LeakyPipe connectors

(Code: C20E12s)
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20mm Compression Elbow to LeakyPipe connectorsConnect 20mm blue 'mains' pipe to 1, 2 or 3 outputs of LeakyPipe.

  1. Use these fittings where the water is supplied to the garden in 20mm blue MDPE 'mains' pipe. The compression fitting is elbowed so that outputs are at 90degrees, very useful when the blue pipe is vertical as a 'riser' pipe. The output end is a barbed fitting which simply pushes onto the LeakyPipe.

    The following outputs are available:

    12 - fits LeakyPipe as single, double or triple output
    16 - fits 16mm polytube as single or double output
    20 - fits 20mm polytube as single or double output

    Sold as a single unit, pre-assembled with PTFE tape. The fitting can be rotated once assembled without breaking the seal.

  2. To connect LeakyPipe LP12 direct to 20mm "BLUE" MDPE polytubes via a compression elbow. A very positive connection to a 20mm MDPE polytube "riser".