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25mm Compression (straight) to LeakyPipe connector

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25mm Compression (straight) to LeakyPipe connectorConnect 25mm blue 'mains' pipe to 1, 2 or 3 outputs of LeakyPipe.

  1. Use these fittings where the water is supplied to the garden in 25mm blue MDPE 'mains' pipe. The output end is a barbed fitting which simply pushes onto the LeakyPipe.

    The following outputs are available.

    12 - fits LeakyPipe as single, double or triple output
    16 - fits 16mm polytube as single or double output
    20 - fits 20mm polytube as single or double output

    Sold as a single unit, pre-assembled with PTFE tape. The fitting can be rotated once assembled without breaking the seal.

  2. To connect LeakyPipe LP12 direct to 25mm "BLUE" MDPE polytubes. A very positive connection.