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Watering Systems
Hedge irrigation systems - LeakyPipe® watering kits

Shop for a reliable Hedge Irrigation System

Bought some hedging? If you're looking for the right hedge irrigation system, then look no further. Leaky Pipe has the solution.

Everyone knows how it can be difficult to water hedges properly and make it grow. This is why you should invest on a reliable irrigation system like our automatic hedge watering systems. Thanks to our experience within the Gardening and Landscape industries, Leaky Pipe has been manufacturing high-quality hedge watering kits of different sizes to help private individuals and professionals saving time and money. Your hedges will never look the same after you tried our kits!

We created Hedge Watering Kits to Simplify your Task

Knowing better the needs of our customers, we created full hedge irrigation kits which include specially designed LeakyPipe® hoses and components, ideal for watering new and established hedges. We offer 3 different kits: the 100m, 250m and 400m long hedge watering kit. We also provide extension rolls if needed. Should you need any further information about our garden irrigation kits, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We also provide Borders and Vegetable Watering Kits.