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All about LeakyPipe

All about LeakyPipe

Why choose LeakyPipe? What is it made of?
How does it save water?How long does it last?
What about hosepipe bans, sunlight, frost and freezing?
Does it get blocked by roots, soil etc?
All Your General Questions Answered!

Delivery, Payments, Stock, Manufacture etc

Delivery, Payments, Stock, Manufacture etc

All your queries regarding stock levels, delivery and payments are found here.
We manufacture LeakyPipe and you may have questions about our manufacturing.
I want to water a......

I want to water a......

Do you want to water a hedge, vegetable patch, avenue of trees, maze or steep garden?
Perhaps a group of planters, courtyard, green roof or riding arena?
Find answers to watering solutions for specific applications.

Planning your Irrigation System

What you should consider when planning the layout for a LeakyPipe system
How to work out what you need and what connectors are needed.
How and when to use Timers or Pressure Regulating Valves.

This sections provides a lot of information on planning a watering system for your own individual requirements.

Putting your System Together

How to lay out pipe, use connectors and timers.

Find information on how to connect to your water source, arrange to LeakyPipe and finish the ends.

Questions for Commercial LeakyPipe Systems

Questions for Commercial LeakyPipe Systems

Are you a Specifier, Architect or Landscape contractor?

Do you have questions about Installations, Commercial uses, Estimates and Planning services?

Do you need information on how it compares to other irrigation methods?

Trouble shooting

Trouble shooting

Are you having a problem with your LeakyPipe system?
Has your pipe been pierced with a garden fork? - Repair solutions are found here

Using different water sources

Find answers here to using water from sources other than a household tap.