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Hi I have a very sandy soil on a reasonably steep slope with a fruit and veg cage 10m x 10m. Is leaky pipe suitable for very sandy soil? how wide an area can be watered from a single leaky pipe run in very sad conditions on a slope? Thanks
    Yes, you definitely can use LeakyPipe in sandy soils, in fact it is a classic situation for it.   The amount of water "spread" is defined by the soil type & structure.  On Sandy soils the spread will be more narrow, so I would advise that you place LeakyPipe close to the subjects you wish to water.  In this case, close to the root zone of row crops.  (The roots will tend to "hunt" the moisture that is applied and ween-onto the moist zone).

You mention a slope.  It may not be a problem to solve.  It really depends on the vertical drop between the highest point and the lowest point within the area you are looking to water, at one time.  For example, If it is 2metres, it is unlikely that the rise in pressure on the lowest pipe, through the static height difference, will make a great deal of difference in the water applied.  (There will be a difference, but in the circumstances, it could be tolerable).  If it was to occur, the answer is to simply design divisions into your layout so you can water high "zones" separately from Middle & Low zones.  Do you see what I mean?

You could just try it and see. After all, with this system, you can take it apart and re-engineer it to suit, without loosing hardly anything.