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Does hard water affect LeakyPipe?
    As with many things, it can do a bit, just the same as the carbonate salts in hard water affect all tools to a greater or lesser extent.  The encrustation of trickle & LeakyPipes happens over a period of time where the pipes are on the surface, exposed to wet/dry cycling.  The salts simply "dry out” of the water, leaving the pipes to appear a little grey.  With LeakyPipe, this reduces the porosity, but rarely stops it working.   To combat this, users (when confident enough with the product), bury LeakyPipe under a shallow mulch of soil or compost which discourages wet/dry cycling and therefore "salting”.   Unique to LeakyPipe, you can counter the effects of reduced porosity through 'salting' by gently stretching it.  If you do this while the water is on, you'll see the flow increase as the pores are opened and the salt deposit is flushed away.