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How do I unroll the LeakyPipe?
The 50m and 100m rolls are easy to hold and dispense the pipe, gently rotating the end of the pipe in your fingers you go. This will rotate-out the spiral and allow the pipe sit flat on the ground.  

For the bigger, heavier rolls, (250m and 450m rolls), prop the roll up against a wall or similar. If pipe is taken from the outside of these larger rolls, it will have a real tendency to tangle. To prevent tangling, cut the stretch film-wrap from the inside of the roll only, leaving the film-wrap intact on the sides and outside.  Take the LeakyPipe from the middle of the roll.  This makes it easy to revolve the spiral out of the pipe, as you pull it away from the roll.  The LeakyPipe will then lay flat and be easier to position into place.  If you don't lay out all the pipe at once, the remaining film-wrap will keep the remaining pipe organised until next time!