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I’ve an area with a lot of Planters. What do I do?
    Planters that have drainage built into them, can be watered with LeakyPipe.  Just install about twice as much Leaky as you would in a border and connect the Leaky to a supply pipe polytube "Riser” that has been brought up through the planter.   The riser is usually 'tee-ed' into a polytube "main” that is running horizontally, perhaps under the planter/s to connect the planters together.  Because of the "hard” nature of the building works of a planter-based design, we recommend that 20 or 25mm MDPE "Blue” pipe or similar is used.  This is because it is tough and will stand more abuse while being installed as a part of the hard-works.    Compression to barbed fittings will then be needed to create the connection between the blue pipe and the LeakyPipe.  

Typical planter designs need small amounts of water, very frequently, so this is the approach you should have when setting up your watering times.