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I have a Hedge to water. How do I approach this problem?
    If it’s a newly planted hedgeline, just lay out the LeakyPipe along the line, near to the stems.  If it’s a staggered, two row planting design or you are planting large hedge subjects, consider laying a "Tramline” of two lengths of LeakyPipe.  One for both lines or on either side of the larger hedge plants. 
The connection to the LeakyPipe can be made at the end of the laterals, (if there’s a slope, ideally at the top end).

Even better and especially if you want to water a hedge that is over 100metre long, connect the water supply pipe into the middle, bisecting the laterals.    Where this is possible, it is good practice because it can help balance the "system” and do a lot of watering, easily and all at once.  Then add a Timer!    Consider this way you can be watering 200metres of hedgeline, all at once and so easily.

 (See the Garden Design Videos available on this website).