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Why is your LeakyPipe more expensive than the stuff I see on Ebay & Amazon?
    Because it is the genuine, original porous rubber hose, LeakyPipe. Much like 'hoover' is often said to describe any vacuum cleaner, the phrase 'leaky-pipe' can get used generically for a number of different porous, soaker or weeper hoses. 

LeakyPipe is made is under our own quality rules, honed from thirty years of experience. We manufacture from materials that we won’t drop our standards on.  It is a product designed essentially for professional use, so we won’t degrade it to compete with the "foreign” sourced copies and risk the trust of our customers.

We don't currently sell on eBay or amazon, so please be wary of products you find on online marketplaces and check who the manufacturer is. Look for the LeakyPipe logo to find the original product.