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What do I do if I think I’ve blocked my LeakyPipe with dirty water or Hard water?

This rarely happens but if it does, open the ends of the LeakyPipe laterals and flush through with fresh mains water.  With the LeakyPipe re-sealed, repressurise, lift the pipe and gently stretch the LeakyPipe and you’ll open the porous wall.  You will see the water start to flood through and carry away the blockage.  (You can’t achieve that with other pipes!)   Then re-lay the LeakyPipe and use again.

How do I fix LeakyPipe if it gets damaged with a fork or by vermin?

Easy!  Just locate the point of damage by turning the water on, walk the system and listen for the "leak” or look for a swirling puddle.  This will indicate the place of damage.  Cut through the pipe with a pair of secateurs, cutting out the damage, leaving good, clean, square cut.  Insert a straight connector (12mm size) into the ends of the LeakyPipe to re-connect.  It’s quick, user-friendly, reliable & cheap.   You don’t need an engineer!