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Brass, Y-Shaped, Two-way Splitter for Garden Taps

(Code: BRY2)
Y-Shaped, Two-way  Splitter for Garden Taps.  
£ 29.50
A quality brass fitting to give you two hosesnap outputs, a mini tap on both.

  1. Convert your single garden tap output into two individually controllable outputs - perhaps one for your LeakyPipe system and the other for filling buckets or connecting your hosepipe?

    Unscrew your existing hosesnap connector and screw on this fitting. Comes with brass snap outputs which accept conventional 'hoselock-type' connectors.  (Please note.  We don’t recommend Y-Shaped splitters like this if you intend to attach timers to this).  If this is the case, look at 

  2. Two outputs can be useful if you want to permanently 'plumb in' your LeakyPipe system, but also leave you a tap free for hoses, buckets etc.

    Alternatively you may want to water two separate areas of LeakyPipe that have differing water requirements e.g. vegetable patch and borders.

    Input and output both 3/4" BSP and accept the timers also available on this site.