Filter and Pressure Reducing Kit


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Filter and Pressure Reducing Valve Set.

(Filter cartridge and brass connectors included)

A pre-assembled filter and pressure regulator kit with options of input / output fittings.

This kit is ideal if your water source is unclean e.g. borehole and the pressure either too high or erratic.  The unit is preassembled and you just need to connect it into your system, using either brass 'snap' fittings, 16mm or 20mm compression fittings, depending on the non-porous supply pipe you are using. Water goes through filter first, then the pressure reducing valve.

Includes a 10" long pleated filter which can easily be removed for cleaning or replacement. A commercial grade filter which filters down to 22micron.

Make sure it stays free of frost, so drain it out for overwintering.

Includes bracket to mount the unit on a wall or fence (fixings not provided) and spanner to tighten the body of the filter onto its top.


Install with the filter upstream of the pressure regulator. Consider a wall bracket if you want to wall-mount the unit, or a valve box it you want it underground, out of sight.

A pre-assembled unit with all necessary junctions taped with PTFE tape. Blue cartridge body can be untwisted to gain access to filter cartridge. 10" pleated filter cartridge included, capable of filtering down to 22 microns.

Pressure regulating valve adjusts downstream pressure to between 0.7 and 2.2 Bar (where incoming pressure exceeds 2.2 Bar). Includes male brass fittings on the assembly and 2 brass female hosesnap fittings to connect to 1/2" garden hosepipe.

Suitable for wall mounting or concealing within a submerged valve box. This unit should not be left out over winter because it will be broken by frost.


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