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Leaky Pipe Watering Systems
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Garden Border Porous Hose Watering Kit - 100m

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Garden Border Porous Hose Watering Kit - 100m

Try this 100metre roll of LeakyPipe and connectors and see what it does. 

  1. A cost-effective leaky pipe irrigation system to water your garden borders, including 100m roll of LeakyPipe and connectors, to cut into lengths, lay out and connect together in your garden.
    This watering kit includes a porous hose which weeps water along its length. It will irrigate up to 50m as a single length, but here, the connectors supplied will allow you to cut your roll to suit, then connect many lengths of LeakyPipe to run at once.

    A standard household tap pressure can water up to 300m LeakyPipe at one time. So you won't need the tap on much for all  100metres to work! This high quality rubber hose pipe will not perish or be affected by frost.
    ✔ It is reasonably flexible so you can snake it back and forth to water your borders, beds and shrubs.

    Arrange as rings or spiral around newly planted trees to aid their establishment. It works most efficiently when covered by a mulch or soil as evaporation is reduced. Overall you use less water with LeakyPipe than watering by hand and it will work out-of-sight whilst you enjoy your garden.

    This hose pipe kit uses LP12H LeakyPipe, which is designed to be ideal for general purpose watering. This LeakyPipe is specifically manufactured by us to work on top of the ground, if you wish, as well as sub-mulch, working up to 50metres from the barbed connections. 
    ✔ It has proven to last in excess of ten years.

    ✔ Ideal for watering beds and borders, planters, trees and hedgelines (up to 50metres long).

    Items included:

    100 metres of LeakyPipe LP12H Porous Rubber Hose. This LeakyPipe is not designed to used from a water butt, without pumping.
    5   of 16-12 Reducer Connectors. (Supply to LeakyPipe).
    5 of 16-12-16 Reducer Tees. (Supply-Leaky-Supply).
    1   of 16-16-16 Tees.  (Supply-Supply-Supply).
    2   of 12-12-12 Tees.  (To "Branch" LeakyPipe to itself). 
    10 of 12 plugs.  (A tidy way to plug LeakyPipe ends).
    2  of 16 plugs.   (A tidy way of sealing 16 supply pipe).
    2 of 12-12 connectors.  (To connect Leaky-Leaky).
    1 of Hosesnap-12 connector (Hose to Leaky)
    1 of Hosesnap-12tee connector (Hose to two Leakies)

    N.B.   16 will fit both Supply piping and 1/2" garden hose, (even though the latter is a tight fit).
    Also available in 50m, 100m, 250m, 450m rolls, with and without connections. See our other Leaky Pipe Watering Kits.
  2. Find a way of running the Supply tubing or hosepipe onto all the places you wish to water.  Use the connection fittings and a pair of cutters, to tailor the tubing to give you a "Distribution Network" to carry the water to where you will be connecting the Leaky Pipe with the reducing connections.  Run the LeakyPipe near to the plants, - (within 30-50cm as the water will spread laterally) and plug the ends. See this Video below about connection fittings.

    Technical information: Leak rate of 2-3L water per linear meter per hour at 1-2 Bar.

  3. See this narrated video on system concepts and design.

    Or this silent Video about LeakyPipe layout in Gardens.