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Garden Watering Kits

Great Value from these Kits. Just add some of your hosepipe to the fittings enclosed, (or buy some black polytube).  Cut-to-length & attach the LeakyPipe® then turn the water on.  They’ll help you save plants and getting more time to relax outside
Leaky Pipe Soakerhose Kit Offer - 50m
£ 79.19
Don’t buy the Cheapest, get reliable LeakyPipe® Porous Rubber Soaker Hose Kit and get the best growth from your plants. Buy the best LeakyPipe® from the people who have made it the longest.   You’ll add more when we have convinced you. Always in stock.  Fast delivey. Extendable.
Garden Border Porous Hose Pipe Kit - 100m
£ 138.00
Proven to last and reliably work for you.  A kit of 100m of LeakyPipe with a selection of 27 connectors including HoseSnap fittings for Planters, Beds and Borders.
Garden Border Porous Hose Watering Kit  - 250m
£ 336.00
Trust the best Porous Hose, LeakyPipe®, in a Handy Kit.  Buy this kit of 250m of LeakyPipe with all these connectors including HoseSnap fittings, tees and plugs to connect into your hosepipe. Especially for new & established planting in Beds and Borders.