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If you've got a couple of flower beds, planters, trees, shrubs or pergola, the following items will be of interest. LeakyPipe kits have a variety of connectors included and a simple tap timer is a great way to automate your watering system so you have more time to relax in your garden.
If you've just got a few hanging baskets, patio pots or window boxes, the 'hanging basket kit' of drippers can be a great time-saving solution.
Don’t buy the Cheapest, get reliable LeakyPipe® Porous Rubber Soaker Hose Kit - 50m
£ 79.19
Spend a bit more that the cheaper imitations and get the best growth from your plants. Buy the best LeakyPipe® from the people who have made it the longest.  Try this 50m roll of Leaky Pipe porous soakerhose and get the difference from the cheap imitations.   You’ll add more when we have convinced you. Always in stock.  Fast delivey. Extendable.
Garden Border Porous Hose Pipe Kit - 100m
£ 138.00
Proven to last and reliably work for you.  A kit of 100m of LeakyPipe with a selection of 27 connectors including HoseSnap fittings for Planters, Beds and Borders.
Hedge Watering Kit - 100m
£ 138.00
A Bargain, Discounted 100m Kit of The Original Leaky Pipe Porous Rubber Soaker Hose and Connectors.
All-inclusive Garden Hose Kit - 100m
£ 188.00
Trust LeakyPipe® to water your investment.  This great deal for 100metres of LeakyPipe, Connections, SupplyPipe & Timer to take the watering chore away from Gardening.
Vegetable Plot Watering Kit - 50m
£ 99.95
50m of LeakyPipe and connectors to water several rows of vegetables (including 5 isolation taps)
Leaky Pipe Porous Soaker Hose - 100m
£ 125.99
100m Roll of LeakyPipe Porous Rubber Soaker Hose (LP12H)
Roll of 16mm black polytube (LDPE)
£ 44.40
16mm black polytube, available in 50m or 100m rolls
Small Selection Pack of Barbed Fittings
£ 7.20
Small selection pack of 12 connectors.
Connects LeakyPipe to 16mm or 20mm supply pipe or garden hose.
End Plugs (pack of 5)
£ 3.30
End plugs to seal the ends of LeakyPipe, hosepipe and 16 / 20mm supply pipe.
Orbit Single Tap Timer with single output
£ 38.00
Easy to use Battery-powered Watering Timer for Garden Taps.
Single output.
Tap Timer with single output
£ 38.00
Easy to use Battery-powered watering timer for taps.
Single output.
Two-way Brass Garden Tap Connection
£ 29.50
Two-way Brass Garden Tap Connection