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All-inclusive 100m Garden Hose Kit

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Trust LeakyPipe® to water your investment.  This great deal for 100metres of LeakyPipe, Connections, SupplyPipe & Timer to take the watering chore away from Gardening.
£ 199.80

A full Black Garden Hose Kit of LeakyPipe, SupplyPipe, Timer and Connectors

for the person who wants to put an automatic watering system together, really quickly!

  1. This 100 metres package is tailored for an application that may use a variety of lengths from 100 to 150 metres of LeakyPipe. So there's scope to add more later, should you wish. This Kit uses LP12H LeakyPipe, which is designed to be ideal for general purpose watering.
    This LeakyPipe is specifically manufactured by us to work on top of the ground, if you wish, as well as sub-mulch, working up to 50 metres from the barbed connections. It has proven to last more than ten years. Ideal for watering beds and borders, planters, trees and hedge lines (up to 50m long). It operates under water pressures of up to 4.5 bar.      

    High-quality items included:- 


    Black hose pipe 100m ling of LeakyPipe LP12H Porous Rubber Hose.
    50 metres of internal diameter 16mm Black Supply Pipe.
    1 of Buddy1 Timer for Tap Connection. (With 16mm Compression fitting).
    5 of 16-12 Reducer Connectors. (Supply to LeakyPipe).
    10 of 16-12-16 Reducer Tees. (Supply-Leaky-Supply).
    3   of 16-16-16 Tees.  (Supply-Supply-Supply).
    5   of 12-12-12 Tees.  (To "Branch" LeakyPipe to itself). 
    15 of 12 plugs.  (A tidy way to plug LeakyPipe ends).
    2  of 16 plugs.   (A tidy way of sealing 16 supply pipe).
    2 of 12-12 hose connectors. (To connect Leaky-Leaky).
    2 of 16-16 hose connectors. (To connect supply pipe to your hosepipe if you wish)
    Please note that the hose reel is not included.

  2. Imagine this.   Firstly, put batteries in the Buddy1 timer and screw it to your tap. (If your garden tap is conventional, it will have a 3/4" male thread that the timer will do-up onto). Screw on the 3/4" female to 16mm compression fitFirstly, put batteries in the Buddy1 timer and screw it to your tap. (If your garden tap is conventional it will have a 3/4" male thread that the timer will do-up onto). Screw on the 3/4" female to 16mm compression fitting onto the bottom of the timer. (It has a male 3/4" thread, like most timers). Connect the 16mm supply garden hose pipe to the Buddy1 timer by pushing the supply pipe up into the compression fitting. (See Video). Then find a way of running the Supply tubing onto all the places you wish to water. Use the connection fittings and a pair of cutters, to tailor the tubing to give you a "Distribution Network" to carry the water to where you will be connecting the Leaky Pipe with the reducing connections. Run the LeakyPipe near to the plants, - (within 30-50cm as the water will spread laterally) and plug the ends.
    (See this Video about fittings).  

    LeakyPipe works by wicking water into the soil it contacts and therefore works best if hoed into the topsoil or "on-the-surface" and covered by mulch.

    A typical domestic water source is usually capable of charging 200-300metres of Leaky Pipe at one time. So you can do a surprising large area of discreet watering with very little effort. If you have a few minutes, why not have a look at our videos about system design, on the next tab. They should help you with your ideas.
    Just a guide. In the growing season, 30-60minutes of watering per day is a good starting setting for your timer. Then tune it to your needs.
  3. See this narrated video on system concepts and design.

    Or this silent Video about LeakyPipe layout in Gardens.

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The order arrived very quickly and I now don't have to water my fledgling plants every night, as I can see in the morning that the ground all around them is saturated. The timer was very easy to set up as well, gd instructions for once!
Emily H.
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Excellent service and delivery.
Duncan C.
Shopping Satisfaction
Super high quality. Great value for money.
David S.
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Great kit. It had all needed.
Alice B.
Shopping Satisfaction
Kit is as ordered.
Patricia P.
Shopping Satisfaction
Great quality.
A H.
Shopping Satisfaction
The irrigation/soaker hose is excellent - more expensive than other kit claiming to to the job but this really words consistently over a long run. it is a robust and easy to use product.
Ian M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Perfect thanks.
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent product.
Elizabeth C.
Shopping Satisfaction
Great product and easy to install.
Malcolm c.