FAQ - Using different water sources with your irrigation system

Learn how to use leaky Pipe on a Water Butt and with a rainwater tank.


Can I use LeakyPipe on a Water Butt?-

Water Butts, if raised just a few feet higher than the area you intend to water, develop hardly any pressure. For this reason you won’t find many products that will be reliable with this approach.

To make the most success with this, you will need to use a very porous pipe in short lengths. The LP12UH LeakyPipe is a very porous type that will work at very low pressures for short lengths (up to 20metres).

Let us guide you on how you can use LeakyPipe on a water butt.

What If I want to use water from a stagnant lake or river?+
What if I want to use a rainwater tank?+