All-Inclusive Combination Garden Irrigation Kits

Try the original Leaky Pipe® Garden Irrigation Kits

You have a small or a large garden, you cultivate flowers and vegetables, you have trees and hedges, and you want to irrigate with an easy to install and robust automatic irrigation system.
Adopt the LeakyPipe® all-inclusive irrigation kits. The watering system is specifically designed for your needs and our support service is there to answer your questions.

The range of comprehensive irrigation kits includes everything you might need to set up an Automatic Garden Irrigation Watering System for your garden. Save money and time by choosing one of these all-inclusive combination kits. Three irrigation kits are available:

  • 100 m for small gardens, up to four 25’ rows, i.e. flowers, vegetables, trees and hedges
  • 200 m, our best customer order, efficient for flowers, vegetables, trees and hedges
  • 400 m, with a pressure regulator for large assets, efficient for flowers, vegetables, trees and hedges. The included tap timer has two plugs, so you can irrigate two different areas at the same time.

The automatic irrigation process

The watering system uses porous rubber hoses. This irrigation process delivers the exact volume of water your garden needs, for each area. The irrigation kits can be placed on the soil or under mulch, which is recommended.

The hose is very flexible so you can curve it and turn easily around your plantations. You can place it straight in the rows or in between rows. The porous hoses diffuse water up to 30 cm around.

No loss of water in paths, nor daily chores. Your water consumption is decreasing while your garden is profiting and growing.

The irrigation kits are particularly useful and economic over periods of drought. Discover how you can use LeakyPipe during a hosepipe ban

The automatic irrigation kits

The Automatic Irrigation Kits include all parts you need to install the watering systems by yourself. You will find the LeakyPipe, a black porous hose, its length depends on the irrigation kit you choose. There is a supply pipe with an internal diameter of 16 mm. Hose connectors and plugs, reducer connectors and tees are provided. The tap timer and the pressure regulator (only for large kits) are the last components for your watering system.

Installation of your automatic irrigation system

The LeakyPipe offer is an all-inclusive garden irrigation kit. All you need to do is to connect the components and fix the porous hose in your garden. Clip your tap timer, then connect the irrigation system to your water inlet. The last step is the programming of the tap timer. Now, your automatic irrigation system is ready! The only and best tool for installing your automatic irrigation kit is your secateurs. You want to learn more, watch installation video, get advices, find help to program your tap timer, take a look at our guide section. Contact Leaky Pipe Ltd for technical advice and support. We also provide adapted hedge irrigation kits watering kits for hanging baskets.

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All-inclusive 100m Garden Hose Kit
All-inclusive 100m Garden Hose Kit


All-inclusive 250m Garden Hose Kit
All-inclusive 250m Garden Hose Kit


All-inclusive 400m Garden Hose Kit
All-inclusive 400m Garden Hose Kit