FAQ - Planning your Irrigation System

You are designing a garden irrigation system? You have questions regarding the best method to implement an irrigation system? LeakyPipe irrigation systems provide efficiency and value for money.


Does Leaky Pipe save water compared to using a sprinkler?-


How to save water compared to a garden watering sprinkler?

Applying water directly, or at least, near the target plant reduces water losses through wind effects, shadow effects, evaporation and run-off. Also, because the watering philosophy is "watering lower and slower”, it gives the user more margin of error on their watering times as well as being able to water larger areas for the same effort.

We guide you on how to save water compared to a garden watering sprinkler by using LeakyPipe..


What do I do with the unattached, open end of the LeakyPipe?+
What pressure do I need to run LeakyPipe?+
How far will LeakyPipe work for?+
How do I estimate what I need?+
What if I can’t work out what I need?+
What size connectors do I need for LeakyPipe?+
What polytube size should I choose for a system using lengths of LeakyPipe adding up to 200m in total?+
What should I consider when planning a layout for a LeakyPipe system?+
Can I use a timer with LeakyPipe and if so, what should I set it for?+
Do I need to add a pressure regulator to my LeakyPipe System?+
If I sent you a plan of the area, can you advise me?+