Raised Garden Bed Watering Kits

Order a watering kit for your raised garden beds

Are you looking for a comprehensive way to water your raised beds, your borders and your planters?
Choose your Leaky Pipe now and receive it within just 24 to 48 hours!

What is a LeakyPipe raised garden kit?

LeakyPipe® is a high-quality porous hose. It constitutes a cost-effective irrigation solution for home gardeners, landscape professionals as well as garden contractors. We have been manufacturing our pipes in the United Kingdom for more than 30 years. Each Leaky Pipe can last for more than 10 years.

Our raised garden kits include flexible porous hose, barbed tees, barbed elbows, pipe clips, tee connection fittings, plugs and reducing connections.
They are easy to install and work best if placed under a layer of mulch in the topsoil of your planting space.

Once the water is on, moisture spreads laterally within 30 cm to 50 cm (12 in to 19 in) around the Leaky Pipe. The soil is deeply and lastingly watered..

How do I select the best watering kit for my raised garden beds?

We offer many options for the irrigation of your raised garden beds. First of all, select your number of raised beds or planters. Our team will send you the right amount of connectors to create your watering system. Then, customize your order by selecting the length and diameter of your supply pipe. If you already own enough non-porous hose, click on « no supply pipe ».

If you are a professional landscape constructor, feel free to order one of our builder’s watering kits.
These products help you incorporate your Leaky Pipe directly into your raised garden beds as you build them. They ensure a discreet, perfect rendering.

What are the advantages of raised garden beds?

Raised garden beds have many benefits. They help you grow flowers, berries and vegetables almost anywhere. If your garden’s soil is shallow, tired or poor, you can install several raised garden beds and fill them with rich compost. An elevated garden allows you to have complete control over ground conditions and the nature of your soil.

This system is also very decorative. It brings a touch of refinement to any exterior. Raised bed kits come in many colours and can be decorated with paint or wood stain.

Finally, they facilitate gardening for people with back problems or reduced mobility. A self-contained garden, fitted with a LeakyPipe watering kit, is the ideal low-maintenance planting area..

Watering Kit for 2-6 Raised Garden Beds
Watering Kit for 2-6 Raised Garden Beds

From £89.51

Watering Kit for 5-10 Raised Garden Beds
Watering Kit for 5-10 Raised Garden Beds

From £153.83