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What are the inside & outside diameters of your leaky pipes?-

What are the inside & outside diameters of your leaky pipes?

LeakyPipe® size : Nominally they are O.D. 13.5mm and I.D. 9.6mm (They fit the size12 barbed fittings seen on our website, which is one size smaller than 16, which makes a tight fit in garden hose and is often the size that fits many other porous hoses).

How long do I need to keep it on for?+
What do I do with the unattached, open end of the LeakyPipe?+
Does LeakyPipe have to be used sub-surface?+
How far will LeakyPipe work for? +
How do I unroll the LeakyPipe+
Do I need to pin the pipes to the ground with pegs?+
Does LeakyPipe have to be in straight lines?+
What size connectors do I need for LeakyPipe?+
Can I use a timer with LeakyPipe and if so, what should I set it for?+
Do I have to use my hosepipe to carry water to the Leaky Pipe?+
How difficult is it to use the connectors (barbed fittings)?+
Can I connect LeakyPipe to MDPE blue pipe?+

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