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Get to know LeakyPipe

We at Leaky Pipe Systems Ltd have been committed to the development of porous hose watering techniques in many fields of use since 1985.

Starting in the Eighties, Leaky Pipe found an active use within soft fruit, vegetable & flower growing. This flexible hose making a name for itself in the Commercial Horticulture Industry as a trustworthy irrigator for mid to long-term cropping situations.

Making it's debut appearence at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 1986, the original product was introduced to the keen ameteur market. In the Nineties, Leaky Pipe had found itself being used throughout the Landscape Construction and Maintence Industry as a cost-efficient and reliable way to discreetly water Parks & Gardens, Green Roofs, Green Screens, Embankments and large areas of Planters. It's design and method simplicity appealed to Designers, Quantity Surveyors and Installers alike. Quick and easy to apply, plantings were being increasingly successful through lower plant losses and quicker establishment of Soft Landscaping. One proof of this can be seen on the Screening Mounds of ARLA Foods, Aston Clinton, Aylesbury where plant losses have been changed from 70% loss to virtually zero.

Today, this success with borders, hedging and trees can be cheaply achieved by the keen gardener using the materials shown here. Leaky Pipe, Polytube, a few barbed fittings and a cheap, (but good quality), battery-powered timer. For larger schemes, we can offer systems that are self-adjusting according to weather shifts. It's just a choice you have. Contact us if you wish to discuss this further.

Wherever you are in the World, watering is a key factor to successful plant establishment and subsequent growth.

Get it right and you can double plant growth in the following years. Achieving this while making the most of a sometimes limited water source, can be a bit of an art, but it doesn't need to be complicated. Just see how you could DIY a watering system at Home or for a Client.

If you are a Landscape Professional, please take a look at our published portfolio where Leaky Pipe has been used to establish and maintain green environments in Rural and Urban environments. You may be surprised to find it used in Green Walls, Green Roofs, Central Reservations, Public Places, Places with difficult access, Places that demand discreet watering; Even places where air is passed through LeakyPipe to support marine, bacterial and algal life.

We have stocked, advised and installed Leaky Pipe porous, rubber hoses in the UK for 28 years. It has proven use in irrigation systems in commercial horticulture, (soft fruit, vegetables & plant nurseries), as well as watering the plants in commercial landscaping, Parks and Gardens. Leaky Pipe Systems Ltd take care to make Leaky Pipe here from high quality materials and recycled rubber. We think we produce a better hose than other, similar products you may find. It is the same as we would be happy to use, ensuring that it is easy to work with & will offer you years of good use.