Leaky Pipe selected quality garden hose pipe connectors. These are the familiar Hosesnap at one end, to "click" on and off your hose, with push-fit barbed connection to leaky pipe or pipes.  They are heavy duty as they can support high water pressure and heavy water flow. These hose connections are easily hooked up to your Leaky Pipe garden watering system.

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Which hose pipe connector should I buy?

We have a great choice of hose connections, which will help you set up the perfect irrigation system for your garden, your planters or your raised beds. Choose your hose pipe connectors according to:
the number of pipe lengths that you wish to connect to the same fitting (one, two or three),
and to the diameter of your supply pipe (16 mm or 20 mm).

Each straight on/off fitting connects to one length of Leaky Pipe or polytube. If you want to irrigate parallel hedges or borders, choose a double tee or a triple barbed connector.
The 12 mm (1/2 in) connectors are the ideal choice if you want to connect a hosepipe directly to a LeakyPipe porous pipe.
If you wish to connect a non-leaking pipe to your hose, choose a 16 mm (5/8 in) or a 20 mm (13/16 in) fitting.

How to connect a hose pipe to a Leaky Pipe?

Start by inserting the barbed connection in the porous pipe. The barbs will strongly grip the inside walls of the porous hose and the connector will stay in place, even under high water pressure. The black end of the fitting goes inside the Leaky Pipe, whereas its green end is designed to connect to a snap-on hose connector.
If you need to use a tee connection or a triple connection, use the same technique with two or three lengths of Leaky Pipe : just push the black end of the barbed connection within the pipe and clip its green end to your hose connector.
Finally, place a barbed plug in the end of each Leaky Pipe section. Remember to always cut your pipes clean and square, using a sharp knife or a pair of secateurs.

I am a home gardener. Can I easily connect my hose pipe to my Leaky Pipe?

Yes. Our pipes are easy to DIY, even for buyers who are new to the product. Simply insert the barbed connector inside your Leaky Pipe and enjoy a reliable, sustainable watering system.
If you wish to modify your installation or to use a different type of fitting (for instance a tee connector), simply snip off the end of the pipe with your pruner. A clean cut makes it easier to insert the connector inside the pipe.
Whether you are a home gardener, a landscape designer or a contractor, you will appreciate the quality and simplicity of LeakyPipe.

Is my hose pipe connector available in stock?

You can shop with confidence at Leaky Pipe Systems. We select use these ourselves; so we can ensure that they are suitable products. They fit perfectly to the garden hose Hoselock-type options.
We always stock a whole range. Available in different sizes and styles: barbed, straight, elbow, tee connectors and threaded adaptors which will help you finalise your landscape project.
We have a specific range of connectors for LeakyPipe systems: brass hose connectors and garden tap connectors. If you're still looking for a cost-effective garden irrigation system, then have a look at our ranges of Hose Pipes.
Push-fit Connectors suitable for Leaky Pipe Systems, Metric LDPE Polytube "Supply Pipes", Hosepipe other Tubes.

HoseSnap to 16mm hose connector
HoseSnap to 16mm hose connector


HoseSnap to 20mm connectors
HoseSnap to 20mm connectors