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LeakyPipe is an innovative and efficient watering system that can be easily installed in any garden or agricultural setting.

One of the key advantages of LeakyPipe is its flexibility in connecting to different types of pipes and tubing, such as metric sizes of black LDPE supply pipe and blue MDPE tubing.

Compression fittings are the preferred method of connection for LeakyPipe due to their secure and tool-free installation process.

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Secure and Tool-Free Connections

Compression fittings are a reliable and secure method for connecting LeakyPipe to supply pipes and tubing.  The compression fitting consists of a nut and an olive, which are tightened over the pipe to create a seal.

This method of connection is tool-free, which makes it easy to install and adjust. The compression fitting provides a leak-free connection that is ideal for applications where a constant and consistent flow of water is required.

Straight, Elbow, Tee Fittings, and Adaptors to fit all your needs

LeakyPipe can be connected to both LDPE supply pipes and MDPE tubing using a range of compression fittings.

The straight compression fitting is the most common fitting used to connect LeakyPipe to supply pipes. It is a simple fitting that is used when a straight connection is required.

The elbow compression fitting is used when a 90-degree bend is required. It is ideal for connecting LeakyPipe around corners or obstacles.

The tee compression fitting is used when a branch connection is required. It is ideal for connecting LeakyPipe to multiple supply pipes or tubing.

In addition to the above fittings, adaptors are available to connect LeakyPipe to a range of other pipes and tubing. These adaptors are available in a range of sizes and configurations to ensure that LeakyPipe can be connected to almost any pipe or tubing.

Check out the full range of connections for LeakyPipe, like the barbed fittings, or choose our all-inclusive Garden irrigation kit!

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20mm Compression Straight Couple


20mm Compression Tee.


20mm Compression Elbow


25mm Compression Elbow