Brass fittings

Easily split the flow from your garden tap and tend to all your irrigation needs with our Tap Connectors

When you have only one garden tap but multiple things to water, our brass garden tap connectors can be your solution.
Our tap connectors are made of brass and are compatible with any hose pipe or plastic hose snap, which allows you to easily split the flow from your garden tap and tend to all your irrigation needs.

✔ Screw direct to your Garden Tap and get more options. More functionality form your LeakyPipe® watering system.

Our brass garden tap connectors allows you to add automatic tap timers to control your water usage

In addition, our brass garden tap connectors are designed to work seamlessly with our vegetable garden watering systems, hedge irrigation systems, and tap timers.
By connecting a vegetable garden watering system to your brass tap manifold, you can ensure your vegetable garden is receiving just the right amount of water it needs to grow and thrive. Similarly, if you have a hedge that requires regular watering, you can connect one of our hedge irrigation systems to your brass tap manifold for easy and efficient watering.
Do not hesitate to check out our guide for hedge watering.

Our tap connectors also make it easy to add automatic tap timers to your garden tap. By installing a tap timer, you can control the water usage in your garden and avoid over-watering your plants. Our tap timers are available in a variety of models, from simple mechanical timers to advanced digital models that allow you to customize your watering schedule based on your specific needs.

At Leaky Pipe, we understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient garden irrigation system. That's why we offer a wide range of brass tap and hose fittings to help you customize your garden irrigation system to meet your unique needs. Our brass garden tap connectors are just one of the many high-quality products we offer to help you achieve a beautiful and healthy garden.

With our high-quality products and expert advice, you can create a garden irrigation system that works for you and your unique gardening needs.

Brass Tap Snap
Brass Tap Snap


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