Plastic Valve Boxes for Garden

Choose our durable plastic valve boxes, specially crafted to shield your garden's essential pipes and control valves below soil level.
These boxes are engineered to withstand the harshest of weather conditions, providing long-lasting protection for your outdoor infrastructure.

  • Reinforced and weather-resistant materials ensure longevity
  • Designed to conceal pipes and valves in gardens
  • Easy access and closable lids for maintenance and security
  • Perfectly fitted to use with Leaky Pipe Porous Hoses Supply Pipes
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How to set up valve boxes in your garden?

Select the ideal location in your garden where you need to conceal pipes and control valves. Ensure it's easily accessible for maintenance but hidden from view to maintain your garden's aesthetics.  Measure the dimensions of your valve box and mark the area accordingly.  Using a shovel or digging tool, excavate the marked area to a depth that accommodates the valve box while leaving enough room for the pipes and valves.

Create a stable base for the valve box by levelling the bottom of the hole and adding a layer of gravel or sand. This will prevent the box from sinking or shifting over time.
Place the valve box into the hole, ensuring it sits flush with the ground surface. Make sure the lid is facing upwards for easy access.

Carefully connect your garden's pipes and control valves within the valve box. Ensure all connections are secure and leak-free.

Close and secure the valve box lid. Many valve boxes come with lockable lids for added security, preventing unauthorised access.  Gradually backfill the hole around the valve box with soil, tamping it down as you go to eliminate air pockets. Leave the box lid exposed for easy access.

Finally, landscape the area around the valve box to blend it seamlessly with your garden's design. Use mulch, rocks, or plantings to conceal the valve box, making it virtually invisible while preserving the beauty of your garden. Periodically check the valve box for any signs of damage or leaks. Ensure that it remains easily accessible for maintenance and repair tasks.

Valve Boxes - Round

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Valve Boxes - Rectangular

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