Laura Anstiss Garden Design

Laura Anstiss Garden Design

With today’s extreme weather patterns, drought intensity is predicted by Met Office climate models to increase, and irrigation is an element of garden design which can’t be overlooked.

South-East based garden designer, Laura Anstiss, always includes an irrigation system in each plan.

"Generally, I work with a lot of developers on plots which are over an acre in size, and this includes plenty of new builds. Even if the system isn’t installed, we lay conduits, which can be used at a later date to pull through electrics and irrigation if needed without having to take up any slabs,” says Laura.

"I see a lot of flooding and water logging, but during the summer months we experience drought, and efficient irrigation can encourage plants to grow up to three times as fast if it’s strategically placed.

"I have used LeakyPipe irrigation systems for the last five years. It’s a porous hose, not a pipe with holes in, so you can sink it and hide it. The holes don’t get blocked and every situation I’ve used it in has been successful,” she says.

"It’s reliable and it accurately distributes water, so it saves time and reduces water use, and it lasts for years.”

Laura explains that the only irrigation challenge is in educating clients about watering plants at key times and noticing when the soil is drying out.

"I recommend certain maintenance schemes, and generally the challenge is to gauge when to start watering, but once this is explained, it works like clockwork and I’ve never had any negative feedback from the systems.” LeakyPipe Systems Ltd is run by Chris Fermor, and he’s been supplying this innovative porous rubber material since the mid 80’s. Laura is based in Tenterden, Kent and Shows at Chelsea Flower Show.

If you're looking for a designer, why not give her a call? 07970 704820

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