Tap (in-line) 20mm


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Tap for 20mm supply pipe

A simple tap which allows isolation of areas from your irrigation system. Sold as single unit.

Available in 3 sizes as shown:

  • 12mm - fits LeakyPipe®
  • 16mm - fits 16mm polytube or garden hosepipe
  • 20mm - fits 20mm polytube

These taps allow areas of your watering system to be switched on or off as required. 12mm size allows a section of LeakyPipe to be turned off e.g. a row on a vegetable patch. 16mm or 20mm allow a whole section or your irrigation system to be shut down e.g. a particular border awaiting planting. They have a barbed push-fit connection and clips are not needed. 

Please note these are NOT designed to hold back full (static) mains pressure


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