Garden Tap connection - Three-way cast metal manifold


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Three-way cast metal Garden Tap connection

A quality metal fitting to give you three hosesnap outputs.

Do you need more from your Garden Tap?    
Frustrated by hooking things on and off?    

Convert your single garden tap output into three individually controllable outputs - perhaps one or two for your LeakyPipe system and the other for filling buckets or connecting your hosepipe?

Unscrew your existing hosesnap connector and screw on this fitting. Comes with brass snap outputs which accept conventional 'hoselock-type' connectors.

The Big Bonus is If you want to connect a timer, remove the male output fitting, fit the timer and replace the male output fitting on the bottom of your timer

This fitting will accept 2 timers on the outer outputs (generally too tight to allow 3 timers to be fitted!).

Distance between each of the outlets is 71mm. Dims'. 100mm Ht * 180mm W * 50mm * D

Three outputs can be useful if you want to permanently 'plumb in' your LeakyPipe system, but also leave you a tap free for hoses, buckets etc.

Alternatively you may want to water two or three separate areas of LeakyPipe that have differing water requirements e.g. vegetable patch and borders and specimen tree.

Input and output both 3/4" BSP and accept the timers also available on this site.
If you are looking for a brilliant Garden Bibtap that will improve the look of this assembly, find these Taps made by Pegler, supplied by Toolstation 



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