16mm Compression to 3/4" female Threaded Adaptor


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Pro-quality, 16mm compression to 3/4" female threaded adaptor.

There is no more secure way of quickly attaching 16mm supply pipe to a male thread (like the one you'll find on the output of a watering timer), than with this fitting.  16mm compressions will also make a tight fit onto most Garden Hosepipes too.

No fancy tools needed to fit this adaptor!  Just a sharp cutter.    

The fitting comprises three main parts.  

A black "body”, housing an internal, rubber "O” ring  
A blue threaded collar and a White plastic, toothed split ring.  

To make "compression” connection to a pipe, firstly feed the blue collar onto the pipe.  Then push the white split collar onto the pipe, just enough for the pipe to project about 25mm from the white collar.  Now offer the end of the pipe to the fitting body.  Push the pipe into the body and you’ll feel it stop against the internal "O” ring.  With a little more push & a wiggle, the pipe will slip passed the "O” ring for a further 25mm.  This will leave the white collar, settled very close to the black body.  

All you need to do after this is simply do-up the blue collar to hold the four things together!  It doesn’t need to be tight and the brilliant thing is, you can disassemble it very easily too.  They won’t blow apart and the seal is successful by way of the "O” ring sealing on the outside of the pipe wall.  Clever, isn’t it?

Just wrap PTFE "White" tape clockwise around the Male "Mating" thread, then wind the male and female threads together, to make that connection.  Sometimes you can achieve a compression seal between these two by inserting one or two rubber, flat washers into the female part, before doing-up the Male part.

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