Hanging Basket and Pot Watering kit


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A versatile kit allowing you to water 10 hanging baskets or patio pots.

A package containing 10 pressure-compensating button drippers, 10metres of fine "spaghetti" tube and 10 plastic stakes to retain the end of the tube, where you want the drips to fall from. The drippers are for insertion into sidewall of 16mm and 20mm black, LDPE polytubes (and some hosepipes).

The Spagetti tube is 4mm in diametre and is to discreetly carry the water from the output of the dripper to the hanging basket or patio pot. The stake is to retain the open end of the tube in position when working.  (Detach the stake and jam the pointy end back into the end of the tube, to make a temporary seal).


Use this kit to water up to 10 hanging baskets or patio pots. You will also need some 'main' supply pipe, either 16mm or 20mm polypipe or hosepipe.

This system needs to work under the normal water pressure you get from connecting to a tap. It won't work with water supplied from a water butt as there is insufficient water pressure.


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