Builder's Watering Kit for up to 50m2 Raised Garden Beds


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A discounted kit for watering raised borders, raised troughs or planters with a total area of up to 50m2. Create a professional finish with all pipework concealed during construction of the beds. Kits are customisable for the number of raised beds and size of supply pipe.

A Kit created for landscape constructors to incorporate watering facilities during the construction of raised beds or planters. The Kits comprises professional leak-free compression fittings and sufficient LeakyPipe to irrigate up to 50m2 of raised beds, planters or troughs. 

This kit is designed to be installed at the construction stage of creating raised beds. The fittings allow water to be brought up inside the bed or planter via a 'riser' to the surface of the soil.  This gives a neat, clean professional look. The 'network' or supply pipe is best created with 20mm or 25mm blue MDPE pipe. The blue pipe isn't included in the kit, but a tee and elbow compression fittings are included to help you create the network. Once at soil level, an elbow fitting allows LeakyPipe to be laid on the surface or covered in mulch which helps water to wick away from the LeakyPipe. Arrange the LeakyPipe around the plants. Moisture spreads outwards for about 12 inches / 30cm either side. The free ends of the LeakyPipe are sealed with the included 'plugs'.  

In planning your system, think about how you want to create a network of supply pipe to carry water to each of the beds. 20mm or 25mm blue MDPE pipe is ideal for burying underground. MDPE pipe isn't included in this kit, but a tee and elbow compression fittings are included to help you create the network.  Also included is a fitting to connect to your water source - options here include a compression-3/4" adaptor to create a leak-free connection with the bottom of a timer or 3/4" tap thread OR a compression to HoseSnap fitting to allow quick hook-up to standard HoseSnap fittings on normal garden hosepipe. 

This Kit includes a 100m roll of LP12H LeakyPipe, which is designed to be ideal for general purpose watering, working up to 50metres from the barbed connections.  It has proven to last in excess of ten years.

How to customise your kit.

  1. Select the number of raised beds you have
  2. Select the supply pipe size you intend to use. The fittings will be adjusted to ensure they are compatible with your selection.
  3. Choose a hook-up option, dependent on how you plan to feed water into the pipework.
  4. Double check the total area of your beds do not exceed 50m2 - this will ensure that 50m of LeakyPipe at 50cm spacing is sufficient for your beds.

Items included:

  • 100m roll of LeakyPipe LP12H Porous Rubber Hose.
  • 1  of 20/25 compression to 3/4" female fitting OR 20/25 compression to HoseSnap fitting
  • 1  of 20/25 compression tee.   (for branching of supply network)
  • 1  of 20/25 compression elbow.  (for riser within terminal bed)
  • 2  of 12-12 connectors.  (To connect Leaky-Leaky, a useful repairer).

Each bed will get an additional set of:

  • 1 of 20/25 compression tee. (To branch supply pipe up as a riser within each bed)
  • 1 of 20/25 compression elbow to LeakyPipe tee (To allow connection to 2 LeakyPipe lengths within each bed)
  • 2 of 12 plugs (to seal the end of LeakyPipes)

Imagine this.   Firstly, find a way of running the Supply Pipe onto all the places you wish to water.  Use the compression fittings to tailor the pipe to give you a "Distribution Network" to carry the water to each raised bed.  Compression tee under each bed will allow creation of a 'riser' to bring the water to the surface of the soil.  Here you will be connecting the Leaky Pipes via the compression elbow.  Run the LeakyPipe near to the plants, - (within 30-50cm as the water will spread laterally) and plug the ends. (See this Video about fittings).


LeakyPipe works by wicking water into the soil it contacts and therefore works best if hoed into the topsoil or "on-the-surface" & covered by mulch.

A typical domestic water source is usually capable of charging 200-300metres of Leaky Pipe at one time. So you can do a surprising large area of discreet watering with very little effort.    If you have a few minutes, why not have a look at our videos about system design, on the next tab.  They should help you with your ideas.

Just a guide.  In the growing season, 30-60minutes of watering per day is a good starting setting for your timer. Then tune it to your needs.

See this Video about fittings

Or this silent video about LeakyPipe layout in Gardens on the videos tab.


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Builder's Watering Kit for up to 50m2 Raised Garden Beds