Hedge Kit Extension Roll - 50m


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50m roll of LeakyPipe® to extend Hedge Kits.

Especially designed porosity to water longer lengths of pipe.
Matches porosity of Hedge Watering LeakyPipe® LP12L

The Original Leaky Pipe Hedge Watering Porous Rubber Soaker Hose.

Specifically Designed and Made Here For The Assured Watering, Establishment and Fast Growing of Hedge Plantings and similar subjects.  

A 50metre roll of LeakyPipe® LP12L porous rubber hose. This LeakyPipe is specifically manufactured by us to carry water further and water at a low rate, working up to 100metres from the hose connection. Just lay on the soil, see it work, then cover with mulch or hoe into the topsoil. It will last for years. 

This roll is suitable for adding an additional 50m to your Hedge Watering Kit.  It has a lower watering rate than the standard LP12H pipe and shouldn't be used to extend 'normal leak' LeakyPipe.    You may wish to add some 12mm barbed fittings to your order.  

Ideal for watering in new hedge planting, ensuring rapid establishment and fast growing-on. Extend watering times to promote Saturation Conditions if required.

If your hedge branches or is an unusual shape, T connectors will allow the LeakyPipe to branch aswell to follow the route of your hedge. Lay it near the plants - within 30-50cm as the water will spread laterally. LeakyPipe works by wicking water into the soil it contacts and therefore works best if hoed into the topsoil or covered by mulch.


Generally LeakyPipe only needs to be placed on just one side of the planting, unless the plants are large (e.g. over 1m tall when planted) in which case we suggest a length of LeakyPipe is laid on either side of the root ball.

The leak rate of this LeakyPIpe (LP12L) will allow watering for 100m from a typical domestic water source. You can water through several lengths of LeakyPipe at once (each max 100m long) and a typical water source will generally water up to 500m cumulative length of this LeakyPipe.


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