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Why buy the cheapest imitation of the real thing. Spend a little more and Try this 50metre Roll of Leaky Pipe® Porous Rubber Soaker Hose with Connectors Provided. See How it Reliably Works.    Always in stock and Fast delivey. Extendable and Proven.

This 50m soaker hose kit is an economical package to buy and benefit from saving your plants from moisture stress, getting them to grow faster.   You get 50metres of LeakyPipe®(LP12H), Two 12mm barbed plugs & the green and black fitting is a Hosesnap to 12mm barbed tee.   

This 50metre Hose Pipe Kit will Easily Irrigate up to 50m as a Single Length. 

Start watering here with a connector supplied.  It will allow you to cut your roll into two lengths of your choice.  Then connect the those lengths of LeakyPipe® to hosepipe using the green and black, hosesnap to barbed tee fitting, to work them at once.  Alternatively, if you want to just run one length of Leaky, just cap-off the redundant tee with a short piece of LP and the spare 12mm barbed plug.  Simple and quick.

Unroll the LeakyPipe® by putting a broomstick or similar, through the centre of the roll.  Then either ask someone to pull the end away as you hold the stick and the roll rotates.   Alternatively, put a weight on the end of the LeakyPipe® and walk away with the roll, letting the pipe spin-out.    The LeakyPipe® will gradually relax and lay flat on the ground, ready for you to position it where you choose. and then turn the water on. (It won't need the tap to be fully on!    If the pipe shows a lot of tiny pin-jets of water, turn the tap down and reduce the pressure).    

The idea is to allow the you to be able to click-on your hosepipe, anywhere along the length of the LeakyPipe®, with the green and black Hosesnap to barbed tee fitting.    Then the whole thing will water evenly, when the water is gently turned-on.   If you want the hose to connect to the end of the length of LeakyPipe®, just cut a couple of inches of LeakyPipe from the roll.  Push a 12mm barbed plug into that short piece, then push it onto one of the 12mm barbed arms of the Tee fitting, to "seal it off".   The rest of the roll can be connected to the other barb of the tee, then unrolled along your application. Then plugged again, with the other 12mm plug in this kit.

The LeakyPipe® works better if you either cover it with a mulching material, or if you're not doing that, just hoe a shallow, (1-2inch) drill into the soil.     Drop the LeakyPipe into the drill and cover with the soil.  This is good practice.  You will be able to see the water seeping up through the soil, to the surface and it spreads out better.   If you decide to use the LeakyPipe® elsewhere in the future, you can strip it up and move it, over and over again.

If you wanted to tee some LeakyPipe® into a line of LeakyPipe®, you’d use an equal barbed 12mm Tee.  t-connector-pack-of-5-c2x20598181

If you needed to repair a Leaky Pipe® you’d use a 12mm equal straight connector. straight-connectors-pack-of-5-c2x20566962

If you wanted to tee the LeakyPipe® into the side of say, a garden hose.  You’d use a reducing tee, 16-12-16 tee.  reducing-tee-connectors-pack-of-5-c2x20605634

Similarly, you can connect LeakyPipe® to a Hose via a reducing 16-12 straight barbed fitting.   reducing-straight-connectors-pack-of-5-c2x20605643

It's that simple. In-house manufactured by us, it's made of the best quality, mostly reclaimed materials and is a strong rubber soaker hose which will ideally suit your needs.

A standard household tap pressure can work up to 300m LeakyPipe® at once. So you won't need the tap on much for it all to work!  

This 50metre porous pipe is flexible so you can snake it back and forth to water your borders, beds and shrubs.  Arrange as rings or spiral around newly planted trees to aid their establishment.  

It works most efficiently when covered by a mulch or soil as evaporation is reduced.   
This Hose Pipe, 50m length will not Perish or be Affected by Frost.

Overall you use less water with LeakyPipe® than watering by hand and it will work out-of-sight whilst you enjoy your garden.

LeakyPipe® porous soaker hose is also available in 100, 250, and 400metre rolls, with and without connections.



The Best Way to Use the 50m Hose Pipe Kit is to use a timer with this LeakyPipe® pack, disconnect your hose from the tap.

Take the hose fitting off the tap and put it on the bottom of the timer. Screw the timer onto your tap.

Connect your hose to the bottom of the timer. Run the hose to the LeakyPipe connection. Snap on the green hosesnap connector to your hose.

N.B. This pipe is not designed to be used from a water butt without pumping.  The working pressure required is from a 7metre head.  (So the butt would have to be at least 7metres higher than the LeakyPipe®, to work).

When you like what you have tried, you can expand your watering system by adding more to your 50metre Start Watering Porous Soaker Hose Kit.  

Technical information: leak rate of 2-3L water per linear meter per hour at 1-2 Bar.

The video below shows some of the places LeakyPipe gets used.


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