Tap Timer with 2 outputs


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Versatile, Battery-powered timer for taps.
Connects to one tap and has Two outputs, both individually programmable.

Automatically water your garden while you are on holiday with a simple, reliable tap timer.

There's no easier way of getting two areas automatically watered from one water source at such a cheap price.  Simply take the fitting off your tap, exposing the male thread of your tap. (Please note that this has to be a 3/4" BSP thread, normally found on any, modern Garden Tap); Then screw on the Buddy2 timer.  

The two outputs of the timer can be programmed to give you differing watering times. Just attach your output fitting to those outputs and then run your piping/hose from here to the LeakyPipe, drippers or sprinklers that you've chosen to use.

Brilliantly reliable & easy to use, but do take them indoors during the Winter!

With a big dial to programme your watering times, this is just about the simplest timer available at a very cheap price. Two good quality alkaline AA batteries will keep this unit running unattended all summer.


  • Simple connection to your tap (3/4" thread).
  • 3/4" thread output (suitable for hose snap or compression fittings).
  • Programmable by watering duration, time of day and day of week (eg twice per week)
  • Manual bypass for easy tap use.
  • Rain delay for water conservation.
  • Dimensions.  170mm Ht * 170mm W * 60mm D

Please bring this timer inside over winter to protect from frost damage.

For outdoor use with cold water only. 


Please bring this unit inside over winter to protect from frost damage. For outdoor use with cold water only.


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