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Leaky Hose Connector, 16 & 20mm Supply Pipe - Just "Snap to Hose" Connectors

Leaky Pipe selected quality garden hose pipe connectors. These are the familiar Hosesnap at one end, to "click" on and off your hose, with push-fit barbed connection to leaky pipe or pipes. They are heavy duty as they can support high water pressure and heavy water flow. These hose connections are easily hooked up to your Leaky Pipe garden watering system.

✔ Always Available. ✔ Easy hook-up. ✔ Connect to LeakyPipe®, 

You can shop with confidence at Leaky Pipe Systems. We select & use these ourselves; so we can ensure that they are suitable products. They fit perfectly to the garden hose Hoselock-type options.

We always stock a whole range. Available in different sizes and styles: barbed, straight, elbow, tee connectors and threaded adaptors which will help you finalise your landscape project. We have a specific range of connectors for LeakyPipe systems: brass hose connectors and garden tap connectors. If you're still looking for a cost-effective garden irrigation system, then have a look at our ranges of Hose Pipes.
Push-fit Connectors suitable for Leaky Pipe Systems, Metric LDPE Polytube "Supply Pipes", Hosepipe & other Tubes.

Find the Garden Hose Pipe Connecter that matches your requirements:

HoseSnap to LeakyPipe connectors
£ 3.00
HoseSnap connectors to link your hose to LeakyPipe.
HoseSnap to 16mm hose connector
£ 3.00
HoseSnap connector to link your hose to 16mm supply polypipe.
HoseSnap to 20mm connectors
£ 3.00
HoseSnap connector to link your hose to 20mm supply polypipe.