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HoseSnap to 16mm hose connector

(Code: HS1616s)
HoseSnap connector to link your hose to 16mm supply polypipe.
outputs :
£ 3.00
Hozelock-type fitting which allows easy make / break connections with garden hosepipe or 16mm supply polypipe.

  1. These clip on/off connectors are familiar to most gardeners and are the simplest way of bringing your water supply to the LeakyPipe network you have laid out.
    They easily connect to one 16mm supply pipe or garden hose. You can use it in connection with your hosepipe to the LeakyPipe system when you want to water, reconnect it with another bed for example, and be able to disconnect it when you want to use your hose for something else. Connects to the non-leaking supply polypipe links your system.

    Choose the number of outputs you would like; 

    Hosesnap to 16mm straight hose connector

    Tee - connects to two 16mm supply pipes or garden hoses.

    Other sizes are available to connect direct to LeakyPipe or 20mm supply pipe.

  2. An easy way of connecting hosepipe, through conventional garden hosesnaps, to one length of 16mm (5/8") supply polypipe. For example, when 16mm polypipe is used to distribute water as a non-leaking supply pipe to several areas that need irrigation. Please note that this hosesnap cannot be used as a tap connector.

    Simply clip on and clip off as and when you want to water.