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Isolate Sections of your LeakyPipe Irrigation System

Installation and Usage Tips
In the world of irrigation, maintaining an efficient and effective system is crucial for the health of landscapes, crops, and gardens.
In-line taps are an interesting component to achieve this efficiency, as they will help you easily isolate sections of your Irrigation System.
Ensuring precise control over water flow and distribution can be very useful on vegetable gardens, for example, where you might want to water only a few rows.
Our in-line taps have simple push-fit barbed ends to grip inside LeakyPipe, garden hose and supply pipe.
Should you need other connectors, we supply a large range of Leakypipe Push-fit connectors, Hosesnap connectors and Compression fittings.
In-line taps, also known as inline valves or shut-off valves, are devices installed within the pipeline of an irrigation system. Their primary purpose is to control the flow of water to specific sections of the system. By doing so, they allow for targeted irrigation, maintenance, or repairs without disrupting the entire system.
The models we provide are simple ball valve taps, with barbed push-fit connection. 
To help you set up your irrigation system, we provide our in-line taps in 3 sizes:
  • 12mm to fit with LeakyPipe
  • 16mm to fit Supply pipe or Garden Hosepipe
  • 20mm to fit Supply pipe
Proper installation is key to the effective functioning of in-line taps. It's important to ensure they are installed at strategic points within the system and are easily accessible for operation and maintenance.
To ensure longevity and efficiency, in-line taps require regular maintenance.
This includes checking for leaks, ensuring smooth operation of the valves, and cleaning to prevent blockages.
In-line taps are versatile and can be used in most irrigation systems, but note that these models are not designed to hold back full pressure.
Tap (In-Line) for LeakyPipe
£ 4.20
Tap for LeakyPipe
(12mm size)
Tap (in-line) 16mm
£ 4.20
Tap for 16mm supply pipe or garden hosepipe.
Tap (in-line) 20mm
£ 4.20
Tap for 20mm supply pipe