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Large Selection Pack of Barbed Fittings

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Large Selection Pack of Barbed FittingsA variety of 30 barbed fittings enabling a wide range of layouts to be developed to suit your individual design needs.

  1. Pack of 30 Barbed Fittings

    A selection of 30 barbed fittings which will enable a range of designs to be made up using LeakyPipe and 1/2" hosepipe, or 16mm polytube. This pack is suggested to be used with a 100m roll of LeakyPipe in terms of providing a good range and number of fittings that you may want for setting up an irrigation system. If you have 50m roll of LeakyPipe, consider a small selection pack.

    Pack contains:

    Three 16-16-16 Tee, (Hosepipe or 16mm polytube)
    Two 16-16 Elbows (elbow in hosepipe or 16mm polytube)

    Six 16-12-16 reducing Tee, (Hosepipe or 16mm polytube to Leaky)
    Five 16-12 reducing straight, (Hosepipe or 16mm polytube to Leaky)
    Five 12-12-12 Tee. (for branching Leaky in T shape)
    Four 12-12 straight connector, (Leaky to Leaky).
    Five 12mm end plugs for sealing the LeakyPipe ends.

  2. This pack of fittings has been selected as a suggested range of fittings that you may use in designing an irrigation system that would be covered by a 100m roll of LeakyPipe. It allows branching of supply pipe, connection to LeakyPipe in various ways, branching of the LeakyPipe and plugging the ends of LeakyPipe. Design the branching of your system according to the arrangement of your borders, beds or planting. Straight 12-12 connectors are included and are useful for repairing or re-connecting LeakyPipe if you want to change your system. 

    These fittings are suitable for connecting to 1/2"hosepipe OR 16mm polytube

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Supply Pipe Size : 16mm polytube or 1/2" hosepipe
Plastic fittings good.
Paul j.