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Porous Rubber Hose
About LeakyPipe® Original Hose
Looking for garden hoses that will finally bring you satisfaction? Want to have beautiful vegetable gardens, hedges and beds? It seems that you've just found the right place. We are your dedicated supplier of hose pipes, providing you with a full range of high-quality, UK made porous soaker hoses.

Porous Soaker Hose: Efficient Watering Made Easy

A porous soaker hose is a specially designed irrigation tool made from permeable materials such as recycled rubber or fabric. Its unique structure allows water to seep slowly and evenly along its entire length. When connected to a water source, the porous soaker hose oozes water gently, ensuring the plants receive a consistent and deep watering.
Using a porous soaker hose for watering your garden will offer you a lot of benefits, such as:
  • Water conservation, as porous soaker hoses minimize water wastage by delivering water directly to the root zones of plants, reducing evaporation and runoff.
  • Uniform watering, with a slow and steady flow of water ensuring each plant receives an equal amount of water.
  • Time and effort savings, as once it is installed, porous soaker hoses require minimal maintenance and can be left unattended for extended periods, freeing up your time for other gardening tasks.
In addition, you can connect multiple LeakyPipe® soaker hoses together to cover larger garden areas, or use connector fittings to ensure a secure and leak-free connection to an existing watering system.
With LeakyPipe Porous soaker hoses and watering systems, you can irrigate a wide range of plants, including flower beds, vegetable gardens, hedge gardens, but also a greenhouse or even a riding area. 
Check out our FAQ for various examples of LeakyPipe uses.

LeakyPipe Soaker Hoses: What Makes them Unique?

LeakyPipe® is a porous rubber soaker hose that weeps water along its whole length. It's n ot a pipe with holes or emitters. With normal household tap water pressure, you can easily make 200m of LeakyPipe® work at one time, in multiple lengths, up to 50metres long.
LeakyPipe® soaker hose is an innovative irrigation system wich will make your save time and money: you can water your garden with it, but also hedges and flower beds, borders, vegetables...
Save plants & Money choosing our porous pipes
Effectiveness & Satisfaction guaranteed!
We manufacture here in the UK to create the best quality porous pipe on the market which will last for years. Shop for a reliable LeakyPipe® soaker hose and get your plants well established and growing. Our website also features an extensive FAQ to help you plan your irrigation system and put your system together.
If you're looking for an all-inclusive solution, then have a look at our range of Garden Watering Kits. We also selected the best automatic watering systems for your small, medium and larger garden: to be discovered now!
Leaky Pipe Hose Pipe Kit Special Offer - 50m
£ 79.19
Don’t buy the Cheapest, get Reliable & Original LeakyPipe® Porous Rubber Soaker Hose Kit and get the best growth from your plants. Buy the best LeakyPipe® from the people who have made it the longest.   You’ll add more when we have convinced you. Always in stock.  Fast delivey.  Extendable.  Proven.
Leaky Pipe Porous Soaker Hose - 50m
£ 77.99
50m Roll of Leaky Pipe to Add to Your Existing System or Purchased Kit
Leaky Pipe Porous Soaker Hose - 100m
£ 125.99
100m Roll of LeakyPipe Porous Rubber Soaker Hose (LP12H)
The Original Leaky Pipe Porous Hose - 250m
£ 299.40
250m Roll of Leaky Pipe Porous Rubber Soaker Hose (LP12H)
The Original Leaky Pipe Porous Hose - 400m
£ 470.76
400m Roll of Leaky Pipe Porous Rubber Soaker Hose (LP12H)
Hedge Kit Extension Roll - 50m
£ 77.99
50m roll of LeakyPipe® to extend Hedge Kits.
Especially designed porosity to water longer lengths of pipe.
Matches porosity of Hedge Watering LeakyPipe®
Hedge Kit Extension Roll - 100m
£ 125.99
100m roll of LeakyPipe® LP12L to extend Hedge Kits.
Especially designed porosity to ensure slow, even watering further along lengths of LeakyPipe®.
Matches porosity of Hedge Watering LeakyPipe®