Can LeakyPipe be used during a hosepipe ban?

Over the last years, outdoor water-use restrictions have become more frequent in the United Kingdom. Hosepipe bans are imposed locally, when a county is affected by a heatwave or a severe drought. LeakyPipe offers a sustainable alternative to hose pipes and sprinklers.

During a drought, every drop counts

Temporary bans help reduce water usage when demand exceeds supply. Most of the time, they only apply to non-commercial and domestic water use. During a hosepipe ban, you are not allowed to use your garden hose to:

  • water your plants,
  • wash your car,
  • and to fill in your paddling pool.
For more details about the hosepipe ban in your region, contact your local water supply company. Rules may differ from one county to another, and from one water service to another.

An exemption for the LeakyPipe watering method

A hosepipe ban, as its name suggests, applies to activities involving a garden hose, sprinklers or a jet washer. During such a ban, you are still allowed to water your plantations with a bucket.

You can also irrigate your hedges, your orchard and your vegetable garden with the most water-efficient system : LeakyPipe®. Thanks to its buried porous pipes, LeakyPipe uses a small amount of water to moisten the soil during the germination of your seeds and the growth of your plants.

In some areas, adding a timer or a pressure regulator to your LeakyPipe installation is necessary in order to comply with this exemption.

The timer, a perfect tool for water efficiency

Timers are key to building a reliable, eco-friendly irrigation system. They help you set up the time, frequency, and duration of each watering session.

Your watering timer can have one or two outputs. A two-output device can be programmed with distinct settings. For example, it will activate the irrigation of two planted areas at different times and frequencies.

Most high-quality timers are equipped with a rain sensor. When the sensor detects moisture, it prevents the device from activating the tap. This helps you save water (and money) while you are on holiday.

A great choice of porous pipes and tap timers

Whether you are a home gardener or a landscape professional, you will find what you need in our online shop. We have all-inclusive irrigation kits which include :

  • 100 m (328 ft) to 400 m (O.2 mi) of premium-quality porous hose,
  • some supply pipe,
  • a series of connectors,
  • end plugs for each length of Leaky Pipe, as well as a timer.