How to connect your Leaky Pipe to a water butt?

Your LeakyPipe irrigation system will give the best results with a supply hose (or a hose pipe) and a garden tap.

However, if you want to connect a porous pipe to a water butt or a rain barrel, here is our advice.

Choose a very porous pipe

Water butts are usually placed just a few feet above ground level. Therefore, they don’t develop enough pressure to ensure a perfect distribution of moisture through a vegetable or flower patch.
In our online store, you will find pipes with several degrees of porosity. We recommend ordering our most porous type, the LP12UH. Thanks to its high leak rate, this rubber hose can work at low water pressures.
The LP12UH, our most permeable pipe, is available in our vegetable garden watering kits.
These packages also include the accessories you will need for your installation, such as poly tube sections, connectors, end plugs and in-line taps.

Use short Leaky Pipe sections

When a Leaky Pipe is connected to a water collector, the maximum length of each section should not exceed 20 m (65 ft). If you need small LP12UH pipes, purchase a vegetable plot watering kit and divide your Leaky Pipe into 5 m, 10 m or 20 m sections.
Make sure to use a sharp knife or a good pair of secateurs when you cut your Leaky Pipe. Clean cuts are essential to the success of your DIY watering system.
Don’t forget to seal the end of each pipe length with a plug. Thanks to their barbed surface, our end plugs fit perfectly inside the LeakyPipe hose. They ensure the impermeability of your overall installation and help reduce water losses.

Feel free to try other watering methods

Are you interested in ecological gardening ?
Do you want to water your crop area in a reliable and sustainable way ?
Browse our online catalog and find the perfect LeakyPipe system for your vegetable garden, your raised beds or your orchard.

We have many porous pipes in stock. They are made in the United Kingdom with high-quality reclaimed car tires, and constitute the most water-efficient solution for the irrigation of your plants.
LeakyPipe works best when connected to a tap via a simple garden hose or a piece of supply poly pipe.

You can lay out an efficient eco-friendly watering system by branching off several lengths of Leaky Pipe to a non-leaking hose, using the right connectors.