How do I fix LeakyPipe if it gets damaged with a fork or by a vermin?

In your garden, you enjoy cultivating your own flowers, fruits and vegetables. You take care of your plantations with great pleasure. For a couple of days, you noticed that some parts of your plantations are not irrigated as usual.

You suspect that there is something that blocks the water flow in your porous hose. Recently, you forgot your LeakyPipe hose that is under mulch or compost and you think your fork may have damaged the pipe.

Why your LeakyPipe hose is blocked

In gardens, there is a lot of life. Many animals participate in the good life of your area. They all have an important role for a healthy garden and are the gardener’s best friends. But sometimes, they make small damages that can have a big impact on your LeakyPipe hose.

They can make holes, build their home, mold can develop.

When you take water from a well, a rainwater tank or a source, soil and leaf residues can be present in the liquid. And your irrigation system can block or the flow is not efficient anymore. In order to limitate soil and leaf residues in your LeakyPipe hose, you can place a filter on your supply pipe.
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How to locate the damaged area

  • The water doesn’t flow properly or is blocked somewhere.
    >First, turn the water on.Walk along the irrigation system and listen. You will hear leaks, falling drops or water spraying under pressure. You have found the cap.
  • The porous may have been damaged with a fork and you don’t know exactly where it is located.
    >First, turn the water on. Walk along the irrigation system and listen and look. You will hear leaks, falling drops or you may see a swirling puddle. You have found the part that is damaged.

How can you repair your LeakyPipe hose

In case of damage to your LeakyPipe hose due to a fork or another tool, take your secateurs. Cut the hose on both sides of the damaged part and remove it. The cut must be straight and clean. Finally, insert a straight connector (12 mm) into each end of the LeakyPipe and reconnect. Place again your LeakyPipe hose. It is ready to be used.

In case of a cap in your LeakyPipe hose, open water and open the ends of the laterals. Flush with clear water. Lift up the pipe and stretch the hose slightly. It will open the pores. The water will flood and carry away the cap. This operation is simple and unique on the market!
Once the cap is evacuated, place your LeakyPipe hose again.

It is ready to be used. If your hose is damaged because of vermin or mold, you can repair it the same way as for damage with a fork or a tool. As you can see, the repair is quick, user-friendly and cheap. Take a look at our catalog to find connectors for your LeakyPipe system.