Discover the most reliable hedge irrigation system

If you are looking for a sustainable hedge-watering solution, you have come to the right place.

LeakyPipe is a high-quality porous hose which distributes moisture evenly in the soil, keeps the substrate wet and helps your plants grow faster.

I have never used LeakyPipe. Can I install a LeakyPipe watering system without the help of a professional?

Yes. Our products are low-maintenance and easy to DIY, even for beginners.
Whether you are a home gardener or a landscape contractor, you can customise your watering system in a heartbeat.
All you need is :
  • a LeakyPipe soaker hose,
  • some supply pipe,
  • a few connectors,
  • and a pair of secateurs.
Be sure to visit our online store. Our hedge irrigation kits include 100 m to 400 m of porous pipe, HoseSnap straight connectors, tee connectors and end plugs. We also have 50 m extension rolls for your hedge kit.

Should I bury my Leaky Pipe or lay it on the surface of the soil?

In theory, LeakyPipe works best when it is slightly buried in the upper surface of the substrate or covered with a layer of mulch (such as straw, pine needles, wood chips or cocoa shells). This reduces evaporation and ensures a perfect distribution of moisture during the growing season.
However, in practice, some of our customers prefer to lay their Leaky Pipe on the surface of their planting area without any organic mulch. The porous pipe can still efficiently water a planter, a plant border or a hedge that way.

How much Leaky Pipe should I use for my hedge?

It depends on the dimensions of your planted area.
If you have a simple hedge with one line of trees, shrubs or flowers, use one length of Leaky Pipe. Link it to your hose with a straight connector, place it along the stems of your plants and cover it with mulch.
If you are setting up a larger hedge with several rows of plants, you can use a tee fitting (or a triple fitting) to connect several LeakyPipe sections to your supply pipe. When the water is on, the moisture will spread laterally over a radius of 30 cm (12 inches) from each parallel pipe.
The recommended maximum length for each lateral Leaky Pipe is :
  • - 50 m (164 ft) if you are using the LP12H pipe,
  • - and 100 m (328 ft) for the LP12L pipe, which is included in our hedge watering kits.