How to save water compared to a garden watering sprinkler?

Your garden and all its plantations need water to grow and produce fruits, vegetables and flowers.

You have to water, but in the meantime, you want to reduce costs and still have a great area.
There are several solutions to save water with LeakyPipe porous hose compared to using a sprinkler. And not only with droping irrigation systems.

Gardening solutions to lower water consumption

  • Hoe the soil around your plantations. The soil will be lighter, airy, which will improve water absorption and retain moisture.
  • Straw your plantations. Keep the cuts from all seasons, i.e. grass and leaves, and use them to protect your crops. Mix with some compost and you will have a perfect mulch.
    A good mulch needs to be 8 – 10 cm height. It will retain moisture and rain in the soil to feed your plantations.
  • Growing seedling needs a lot of water. To eliminate unnecessary evaporation, place seeds in small buckets, let them grow and put them in the soil after sprouting.
    Create shadow for the young plantations, using crates for example.
  • Invest in a rain tank. Collect rain water from your roof, from a garage roof, a shed roof, any building. This will provide you free water, between 50 and 80 liters, and economies up to 40 – 50 % on your bill.
  • Water your plantations at a the good time. Prefer watering in early morning or late evening. The watering will be more efficient with a good feeding of your plantations. You can aslo water every 2- 3 days.
    Plantations will not suffer and you will save water.

Save water choosing the good irrigation system

The good irrigation system is the system that provides the best result in watering your garden and plantations with exactly what they need.
The sprinkle option is adapted to a large lawn area. It is easy to install and use, and it delivers water over a wide area. The watering is done without much effort. The disadvantage of sprinklers is that you don’t control the quantity of water and the irrigated areas. You lose water in alleys, on road, terrace, shed - and people.
Some areas may receive more water than needed and less water when needed.
The LeakyPipe porous hose is adapted to any kind of garden: lawn, fruits, vegetables, flowers, on soil or in planters. The porous hose delivers water very slowly according to the plantation needs. You open the supply tap when you want and the watering is done all along the hose, up to 30 cm around and over lengths from 50 m to 400 m. You can adapt a timer that will automatically irrigate according to your selection. Some timer irrigation plugs have several taps, so you can irrigate your plantation by area. Our various irrigation systems help you save water.

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