The perfect floor-watering system for your riding arena

Are you designing a new sand-based arena ? We can build an efficient watering solution for you, by burying rubber hoses below the sand surface and linking them to an automated supply system. Make sure to contact us before you start the construction of your horse facility !

What are the advantages of the LeakyPipe package for riding arenas?

The LeakyPipe system is extremely :

  • reliable,
  • cost-effective,
  • and water-efficient.

It is more sustainable than sprinklers and water bowsers, which favor water loss and evaporation.

Our watering solution works at low pressure, and moisture spreads evenly through the layer of sand by capillarity. The porous pipes require less maintenance than other watering methods. Once installed in your sand school, they don’t need additional upkeep or repairing.

Is it common to install Leaky Pipes in a horse facility?

Yes! We have been setting up LeakyPipe irrigation systems in over 70 riding arenas across the United Kingdom for more than 20 years. Our oldest installations are still in place today, and they have proven to be durable and resistant. Our premium-quality porous pipes are made in Kent, and they are designed to last for decades. Check out our guide on Sub-Surface watering of Riding Arenas & Menages!

Where can I find a Leaky Pipe for my sand manege online?

You will not find a Leaky Pipe for your new riding arena in our e-shop, since we only manufacture this type of porous pipe on order.

Our online catalog only includes DIY irrigation systems for landscaped gardens, vegetable gardens, orchards, hedges, raised beds, pots and hanging baskets.

If you need a floor-watering system for an indoor or an outdoor riding hall, feel free to email or call us.

How can I get in touch with the LeakyPipe team?

If you wish to equip your sand arena or your manege with a LeakyPipe watering system, contact us today and tell us about your project. You can reach us by :

  • phone at 01622 746495 (we are available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm),
  • email at
  • or by filling out this contact form with details about the location of the building, its dimensions and its type of water supply.

Our team of experts will come up with a quotation and a custom irrigation plan for your riding arena.