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T Connector for LeakyPipe (pack of 5)

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T Connector for LeakyPipe (pack of 5)A T-shaped connector for branching LeakyPipe. Each pack contains 5 fittings.

  1. T-shaped connector to join 3 pieces of LeakyPipe, in effect 'branching'. A simple push-fit barbed fitting without the need for additional clips.  Once connected, the pipe can be rotated on the fitting without breaking the seal. 

    Available in 3 sizes - 12mm sold here fits LeakyPipe

    T-Connectors for 16mm and 20mm supply pipe can be found under 'connectors'


    NB, reducing T connectors available for pipes of unequal size

  2. These T's can be very useful, depending on how you want to lay out your system.

    12mm T's allow branching of LeakyPipe within particular beds or borders and can help with irregularly shaped areas you want to water.

    16mm and 20mm T's are good for branching the water supply around your garden and to individual beds.