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Vegetable Plot Watering Kit - 50m

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50m of LeakyPipe and connectors to water several rows of vegetables (including 5 isolation taps)
£ 99.95
A 50m kit of LeakyPipe and a selection of connectors, including taps to isolate rows of vegetables. 
  1. Grow your own Vegetable Plot with our 50m Watering Kit

    Perfect for DIY watering of the fruit and vegetable plot, our watering system is a starter kit containing 50m of LeakyPipe® with a high leak rate (LP12UH) and all the connectors you're likely to need to lay out a watering system, specific to your own vegetable patch. This irrigation system specially designed to water vegetable plots is really easy to use. Simply cut the LeakyPipe® hose to match the lengths of your rows with secateurs.

    A complete Watering Kit for your Vegetable Plots

    We've put together pipes and parts to supply you a great kit for efficiently watering these cropping areas. Our 50m vegetable plot watering kit contains enough connectors for 10 rows of vegetables, 5 of which can have isolation taps. It also includes end plugs and 'tee's' to branch the LeakyPipe®. You will need to supply some garden hosepipe or 16mm supply polypipe to act as a non-leaking header pipe, from which the LeakyPipe® soaker hose branches off. Our porous rubber hoses are used sub-surface by UK Commercial Growers so they'll help you get great crops!

    Connectors include:

    - 1 of 16-16-16 equal Tee (to 'Tee' hosepipe and start making a header)
    - 10 of 16-12-16 reducing Tee (to connect LeakyPIpe to the header)
    - 2 of 16 plug (seals end of hosepipe manifold)
    - 15 of 12 plugs (seals end of LeakyPipe)
    - 5 of 12mm in-line taps (to isolate rows of LeakyPipe)
    - 5 of 12-12-12 equal Tee (to branch LeakyPipe)
    - 1 of HoseSnap to 16 straight (clip your hose to the manifold)

  2. Add garden hose or 16mm black supply polypipe (LDPE) to the vegetable plot watering kit and make up an irrigation water distribution network to connect-up all the lengths of LeakyPipe® you have laid in the Veg' rows.

    The LeakyPipe® hose pipe in these kits is specifically manufactured for a high leak rate. Each length of LeakyPipe® should not exceed 35m in length. However, several rows of LeakyPipe® can be run at once with a normal household tap pressure capable of watering a total of 300m of LeakyPipe.

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Only been installed a few days but so far seems OK.
John C.
Shopping Satisfaction
A good quality kit, with a comprehensive set of fittings. Very easy to assemble and the pipe laid nice and flat - I'd buy this kit again.
Keith L.
Shopping Satisfaction
I wanted a system that would water my vegetable plot from an overground tank. The leakypipes vegetable plot kit uses much more porous hose than alternatives. As I'm relying on gravity rather than a pump, the more porous version of leakypipes hose has transformed things. Strongly recommended for anyone wanting effective watering with low water pressure. I have 10 five metre lengths of leakypipes off the one tank. The selection of connectors etc was very helpful.
Arnold M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Could do with more connectors.
Patricia H.