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Find an efficient Irrigation System for your Medium Garden

If your garden fits in the medium size category, you are certainly interested in finding a garden watering system that will save you both time and money. The experts at LeakyPipe selected for you the most efficient and heavy duty garden irrigation equipment.

✔ Always Available. ✔ High-quality ✔ Connect to LeakyPipe® irrigation systems,

Our top automatic medium garden watering system picks include: watering timers, garden hoses, sprinkler system and more. When choosing the irrigation supply for your home garden, the amounts of water that you consume should be considered. Please contact us for any question you may have, we will be happy to recommend the best equipment for your needs.

If you are looking for a micro irrigation and drip irrigation system, please consult the drip systems available on the website.

Select the Water Irrigation System for Medium Gardens that will save you time:

Garden Border Porous Hose Watering Kit  - 250m
£ 336.00
Trust the best Porous Hose, LeakyPipe®, in a Handy Kit.  Buy this kit of 250m of LeakyPipe with all these connectors including HoseSnap fittings, tees and plugs to connect into your hosepipe. Especially for new & established planting in Beds and Borders.
Hedge Watering Kit - 250m
£ 298.80
Save your plants. Use 250m Kit of The Original Leaky Pipe® Porous Soaker Hose and Connectors. 
All-inclusive Garden Hose Kit - 250m
£ 422.40
Spend a bit more and buy the best LeakyPipe® from the people who have made it the longest. A great deal for 250metres of LeakyPipe, Connections, SupplyPipe & Timer.
Vegetable Plot Watering Kit, 100m
£ 189.96
100m of LeakyPipe and connectors to water several rows of vegetables (including 10 isolation taps)
The Original Leaky Pipe Porous Hose - 250m
£ 299.40
250m Roll of Leaky Pipe Porous Rubber Soaker Hose (LP12H)
Roll of 20mm black polytube (LDPE)
£ 46.80
20mm black polytube, available in 50m or 100m rolls
HoseSnap to LeakyPipe connectors
£ 3.00
HoseSnap connectors to link your hose to LeakyPipe.
Large Selection Pack of Barbed Fittings
£ 16.80
Large selection pack of 30 connectors.
Connects LeakyPipe to 16mm or 20mm supply pipe or garden hose.
Orbit Single Tap Timer with single output
£ 41.52
Easy to use Battery-powered Watering Timer for Garden Taps.
Single output.
Tap Timer with 2 outputs
£ 57.00
Versatile, Battery-powered timer for taps.

Connects to one tap and has Two outputs, both individually programmable. 

Orbit, Watering Timer with 2 outputs
£ 59.88
High Quality, Battery-powered timer for taps.

Connects to one tap and has Two outputs, both individually programmable. 

Three-way Brass Garden Tap connection
£ 42.00
Three-way Brass Garden Tap connection